¥2,000+ Winter Care Prizes for 10 Winners! Plus Discounts for Everyone

I’m just going to get straight to the reason you clicked on this post, because I know you’re not here to learn about me.

No worries, I’m not offended.

Still, I worked out some awesome freebies for China Moms Blog readers for taking care of the whole body for a China winter! From your hair to your toe nails, to your lungs to your immune system, you’re covered!

And what is it that you have to do to get in on this giveaway?

Simply enter yourself into the winner’s circle here. Don’t you wish all giveaways were this simple?

I will announce the winners on December 21!

Not only are readers getting a chance to win with good odds, but those who don’t like giveaways (or want a gift for someone else ASAP) can still get some nice discounts.

First up, let’s talk about protecting your skin, hair, and nails!

5 winners – 5 20 ml bottles of Sirocco Argan oil (altogether RMB 178)

James of Waijiao in Shanghai only imports products that are 100% organic and imported. I’m currently using Waijiao’s stock of Aleppo soap for my face for my cyclical acne.

I know, I know. Believe it or not this perfect complexion has a secret weapon.

The amount of Argan oil James is giving away is perfect for you to decide if you’re a fan of this type made by Sirocco brand, which is certified organic and fair trade. This Argan oil isn’t deodorized like other brands; in other words, it smells spicy like Morocco and keeps the oil in its simplest form.

Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. It’s not greasy like other oils.

James Special Offer: Get a 10 percent discount off on Waijiao products with code chinamoms10.

1 winner – The Green Room’s Best Sellers Set (RMB 488)

What’s in The Green Room’s the limited-time Best Sellers Set? That would be the Miracle7 Face Serum (balances PH levels, anti-aging), Face Balm (cleanser), and the Eye Oil (soothes, plumps).

Perfect for those of us who want to fight back against the 30’s and 40’s looming tragedy of wrinkles. Did I mention it’s my 29th birthday on the 26th?

I’m in denial.

The Green Room’s Special Offer: When purchasing through their Weidian, enter code “stockingfreebie” into the COMMENT section. You’ll get a travel size of any product (between 45-85 RMB except eye oil) for any purchase over 200 RMB. Valid until Dec 20.


1 winner – Every Day Spa Day Bag by Velveteen’s Secret Potions (RMB 605)

Velveteen’s Secret Potions (VSP) will make you want to learn Spanish and travel the world with Francesca Hanshing Urra, the proud foundress.

All of her ingredients are natural, responsibly sourced, direct from the producer when able, and truly global, representing China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, Australia, India, Spain, Germany, USA, Ghana, Cambodia, Vietnam, France, Philippines and more. Many ingredients are even seasonal.

I told you – the girl gets around!

And her Spa Day bag is chalk full of goodies! Twelve products, a travel bag, and 5 beauty tools really allow you to have a spa day any day.

VSP’s Special Offer: Francesca calls all of her members “very special people” and gives them a 5% off. Connect with her to become a member. She assured me China Moms Blog readers would be well taken care of with extra goodies every time they make a purchase.

Now let’s protect your insides!


1 winner – Lemon, Lavendar, and Peppermint doterra Essential Oils (RMB 160)

 Next up is a Beginner’s Trio Kit by doterra (RMB 160) via my friend Amanda Vaughan. She’s my neighborhood fair trade, globally sourced, and extra high quality essential oils hook up.

These oils are can be used as a natural and safe cleaner, skin booster, immune system booster, and flavor for food or tea.

And probably could make you into superwoman too.

Amanda’s Special Offer: Beijing residents will get a free hostess gift of oils if they would like to host a party with their friends to learn about essential oil benefits and uses.

OR if you’re located outside of Beijing, she’ll send a free bottle of Wild Orange for people who sign up with a VIP membership (to get discounted prices) and purchase a basic enrollment kit (200 member points).

Sign up online here (for the US or here for China) or contact Amanda for the hosting opportunity. For China, select “I want to become a preferred customer” and enter 00263542 under “fill in your friend’s VIP customer number.”

1 winner – any size of new generation idMASK (RMB 399) 

Preston, Beijing’s local retailer of idMASK, wants to help you protect your lungs and offers amazing customer service on top of that, making me feel confidant to recommend both idMASK and him specifically.

Not only is this an awesome product, but also for every mask that’s bought, a mask is given to a migrant child or orphan in the most polluted regions of China.

Preston’s Special Offer: Every mask purchased gets a free anti-pollution salt spa treatment worth RMB 388 from AWA Health in Beijing, but you’ve got to buy and book through Preston.

Preston mentioned the anti-pollution salt spa was like having the beach come to you. [Bobby, sweetheart, if you’re reading this, I can’t be pacified with this treatment. I still want to move to Sanya!]


1 winner – Waterbaby (RMB 498) by Greenwave


Have you ever thought about the fact that you brush your teeth and take a shower in very chemical-heavy and unfit drinking water out of the tap?

Do you ever wonder if the shower steam carries chemicals with it when you inhale?

I know I sure do ever since this beijingkids article ruined my blissful ignorance.

I’ve been on the lookout for a shower filter, and Greenwave has made one along with other products, including the Waterbaby that makes it safe to brush your teeth.

Greenwave’s Special Offer: Get a 10 percent off on all of Greenwave’s water products by scanning the QR code below and sending the e-voucher.

And there you have it folks!


There’s bound to be something you’d love and like to try to win!

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