Rooftop Date Night Desperation

If you’ve read my post here, you know that my husband and I get pretty creative when it comes to date nights.

I suppose it comes at no surprise then that we would hint, but never recommend, doing something that’s probably forbidden by every single apartment complex community in the city. And depending on where you’d go, maybe even getting arrested.

Yeah, that sounds crazy.

We’d never do ANYTHING like that.

When the kids are sleeping, since we’re on the top floor with a window leading into a forbidden roof balcony, we’ve totally been tempted to climb through that window and stare out into the beautiful red sky as the sun sets into the city.

We’d never really do that though because we’re completely rule-following type of folks, you know?

We would never think of putting out nice patio furniture either, with a hanging garden and those really cute, smooth white rocks and some reclaimed timber for a cute deck. A bit of shade and some lanterns would rock that space. We’d be in a hot mess of trouble if any of the apartment workers came to make sure all of the rooftop areas were clear.

All that cash would be down the drain as they toted it away.

Yeah, so not worth it.

We can’t believe our rebellious neighbors putting out kiddie pools and having barbecues. (Pssst! Please save us some chuanr!)

And you know, since our building is only seven stories, it’s really not that high and doesn’t allow a breathtaking view of the city.

Breathtaking, ha! Sorry, I couldn’t help the punniness. Sometimes I just like to laugh by myself.

So if we were really gutsy, which we’re not….

We’d go out and find the tallest apartment buildings we could, go to the second top floor, walk up to the top (to avoid suspicion via elevator cameras) and shimmy open the paint-sealed window.

We’d never think of doing something like that though.

If we got that window open we would SO enjoy a clear night like last night and look at all the stars in the sky.

Theoretically, you could see the Big Dipper and Orion’s belt on a clear night that high up and farther away from the light pollution.

And maybe on the clearest of nights, you could even see the tallest building in Beijing’s light shining in the dark, even as far away as my little suburb.

But hey… I wouldn’t know for sure.

I’ve never done that for a quick babysitter-less, kids-in-bed type of date.

What do you do to get a much needed date night?

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2 Replies to “Rooftop Date Night Desperation”

  1. Haha! I’m sure you would never do any of those things, but we also lived on the top floor (26) in Beijing, and put a pool and a grill and patio chairs on our roof, and it was lovely. At one point the neighborhood went through a fit of safety consciousness and bolted all the doors shut to the rooftops, but my husband just used a drill to remove the locking mechanism. And when we moved away entirely, my neighbor actually built a small apartment up there and a big gate for her dog watching business. So we were just small potatoes compare to her. I love your blog!

    1. That’s awesome! In our community we see others putting stuff out on their 7th floor balcony (our building has the record for the shortest apartment building in Beijing FYI), but company people are always on the lookout for this. They always sadly get removed or we’d do something too! Or maybe not…

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