How Does the World Live Without WeChat?

Admit it. 

Just because WeChat takes all of our information and uses it to their discretion, allowing government censors to search through messages, whether voice or picture or text, you don’t care one bit.

Because you’re still on WeChat.

You’re still sending those stickers and joining that group and following that account.

You can’t live without WeChat, can you?

At least not in China.

How would you pay for stuff?

And when you go back to the US or UK, as you stop by the ATM or pull out your debit card, you’re secretly thinking in your head,

“How cute. How nostalgic. How primitive.”

You snicker when you think of all the homesick expats who claim,

“China isn’t innovative.”

Looks like the US isn’t much better.

And what would you do without your sticker collection?

You saw that Facebook has a sticker option now and you thought,

“I know where they stole that idea from. Ha.

You’ve tried WhatsApp, and you thought…

What’s the big deal?”

It’s got nothing on WeChat’s contacts organization or moments or favorites collection.

You’re tired of trying all of the other mobile apps.

You begrudgingly get on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or email or Skype or Apple iPay or text message or Google Hangout because the rest of the world picks and chooses the medium and platform that’s best for their communication and you’ve just got to freakin’ deal with the thousands of fumbling apps.

But with WeChat, it’s all there.

Want to flaunt what yo’ momma gave you IG style? Flaunt away.

Want to send a text message? Ok.

Want to send a voice message? Sure.

Want to voice call on a cheaper rate? You got it.

Want to network in endless chats? Welcome to my life.

Need a video chat? Brush your hair.

Need to have a video conference call? No… stop.. don’t…

Not another work meeting!

So next time you’ve got someone going on about privacy and information and censorship and all that jazz deciding to completely boycott Facebook… just remember what you keep checking on your phone every 30 seconds.

And we agree with you.

How DOES the rest of the world live without the simplicity and awesomeness of WeChat?

You don’t have to be a mom to join our WeChat group, but you do have to have a sense of humor. Otherwise we’ll be scared if you’re actually a new generation of AI.

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Vanessa Jencks founded China Moms Blog to connect internationally-minded parents through semi-humorous stories and poorly-written satire news. She is the former managing editor of beijingkids magazine; see her previous work here. She writes about relationships and faith at

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