Scientists Discover New Reason for China’s Pollution: Dragons

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For nearly a decade the country has been mulling over the causes for the country’s pollution, blaming outdoor cooking, cars, and residential coal burning.

The growing urban middle class has frequently pointed to manufacturing and industrial plants, but those representing the industry insist they run environmentally friendly operations.

So in the search for the cause for pollution, scientists have examined the smog again and again, but one researching team made a breakthrough.

The team is made up of first class environmental scientists from Tsinghua University and with support staff from abroad, including the UK, New Zealand, and Finland.

They were studying the smog in the mountain range to the north of Beijing when they noticed a particularly dense cut of smog coming from one area in the hills.

“We didn’t see a village or hotel on the map, so we approached cautiously, concerned it could be a wildfire,” said Richard Dunbar, UK, the team’s technical equipment mechanic.

“But when we arrived we were shocked to see a cave and a thick cloud of sulfur seeping out of it. We didn’t know what to think when we saw curiously large dung and ginormous broken egg shells lying about the entrance. So we hid out and waited to find out what might be there.”

“We heard strange sounds about an hour after arriving, and we were quite frightened to be honest. We were only here trying to figure out the cause for China’s pollution, not to be some sort of freak explorers on the search for the next Lock Ness monster.”

When night fell, Dunbar and the team watched as a large dragon and its hatchlings climbed out of the cave and took to flight in the night sky.

“He’s not a huge beast, so I wonder if that’s why he wasn’t picked up on radars. But that the village people hadn’t seen him before, I’m just dumfounded.”

Apparently the dragon and its young are herbivores, and so did not disturb any of the neighboring villages or farms.

Certainly though, the dragons’ fumes, which Dunbar and his team assume they produce more of in the winter due to their bodies’ natural heating processes, has killed millions of Chinese with its dangerous particles and mixture.

The public is reeling about what to do with such a creature, as it poses a threat to humans, but could make an amazing tourist attraction. There are still questions of if other dragons besides this small flock are polluting China’s skies, and how these beasts can be discovered.

Stay tuned for the latest developments. 

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Photo: Charlotte Marillet (Flickr

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