An Open Love Letter to Didi Chuxing

Dear Didi Chuxing,

Before you came along into my life, China was a cold land, full of hard-hearted drivers.

I remember nearly four years ago, I was trying to get a taxi with two babies on the side of the road. One was wiping snot in my hair, and the other was pulling up my skirt to make it look like a ship sail. Each time I saw an empty taxi, I’d wave him down with hope anew, but alas, his accelerator would always stick as he’d speed past.

No longer do I have to drop money in the black taxi car and jump out while the wheels are still rolling. Drop and roll. Drop and roll.

You’d be amazed what children can really do.

And long gone are the taxi drivers who take pleasure in reaping pain. Now would someone dare drop me off a city block from my home with four luggage, a stroller, and two crying kids?


They wouldn’t dare.

They’d be the ones crying when they saw my review.

That’s all thanks to you, my dear, beloved Didi.

You came into my life and made it easy to get around.

You came into my life an taught drivers that they are not the kings of the road.

You made it possible to travel with children  anywhere in this country where a young man wants to pay off his car debt or a professional has extra time on his hands.

No more, “Where did you learn Chinese, from a PE teacher?”

No more, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

No more daredevils with road rage who ignore the natural laws of physics.

Didi Chuxing, you single-handedly changed the face of this society through your good looks and ease of use.

You are wonderful!

Even with your imperfect English, you shine like a star in the night.

I’ll never hold that against you, because you didn’t hold it against me that I can’t perfectly read Chinese.

Didi Chuxing, I love you.

I really do.

Do you love Didi?

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Vanessa Jencks founded China Moms Blog to connect internationally-minded parents through semi-humorous stories and poorly-written satire news. She is the former managing editor of beijingkids magazine; see her previous work here. She writes about relationships and faith at

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5 Replies to “An Open Love Letter to Didi Chuxing”

  1. Dear Vanessa,

    Thank you so much for these warm words. It is the trust you and hundreds of millions of users place in us that makes all this possible, and brings income and opportunity to tens of millions of your drivers. We are a young company and there is still a long way to go to improve our services and technology. Please help us do better: Kindly leave a positive rating if you like the driver’s service; let us know when you feel something can be done better. Together, one ride at a time, we can make cities a little friendlier, greener, for moms, children, and many, many others.

    Thank you again and we wish you and all our friends a happy, warm, free-moving holiday season.

    The DiDi Team

    November 27, 2017

      1. Yes, I agree. A small step changed a lot. Especially when those extreme weather days, heavy rain, big snow,heavy wind, it is impossible to get a taxi.

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