10 Essential Questions for Every Ayi Interview

If only we could really ask our most burning questions without being culturally insensitive and totally rude:

1. Will you tell me to drink more water or wear socks when I feel sick?

Bottoms up!

2. Should I pay you for the Chinese New Year holiday or not?


3. Will you come back after the vacation?

“My mother is sick. I will be in my hometown a long time.”

4. If a child cries really hard for an item, is it better to give the child that item so they’ll stop crying or distract them with another shiny object?

We promise you this is not the worst of tantrums. Hold out!

5. Can you say “No” with a firm face? Are you willing to practice?

6. If a child or an adult says they are full, do you keep feeding them or leave them alone?

“Just one more bite!”

7. If I ask you to do something my way, will you at least pretend to do things my way?

8. Will you lie to me and say my food is good if you ask to try one of my dishes?

Oh yeah! You’re about to taste something you never have!

9. Should my children call you ayi or nainai?

10. Will you refrain from saying “another one?!” when I tell you I’m pregnant again?

Yes, we love babies!

Is there anything you find necessary to ask?

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