Angry Shanghai Moms Arrested for Vandalizing Ride Sharing Bikes

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If you’ve heard that Shanghai women have a certain sass, you’re right. Whether expat or local, the fiercest of these Shanghai women happen to also be the most hormonal.

One group of Shanghai new moms got together and devised plans to seek revenge on lazy consumers of ride sharing companies.

They called the campaign “Block Us, Block You.”

The mothers made a QR code sticker to go over the bike codes that would lead to a video with proper etiquette in parking the bikes. The tutorial reminded riders that other people use sidewalks. Primarily their point was that mothers with strollers and the elderly cannot navigate the sidewalks due to their failure to park.

The campaign was launched last week, and within the course of a few days, the entire downtown area of Shanghai’s ride sharing bikes were completely code blocked. It was an amazing feat leaving many angry, but even more happy that someone finally taught their countrymen some manners.

Though the issue of ethics is up for debate, property vandalization and inciting a public crisis are cause for arrest.

Authorities were able to track down the ring leaders of the group through WeChat, where most of the vandalizing was organized.

Zhang Lixia, China, 33, mother of two, and Alexandra Marchino, Italy, 29, mother of one, led the group. Both have been taken into custody for further questioning. The group revealed that approximately thirty other mothers were involved, enough to track down the craziest of trash-piled spots in Shanghai.

Officials in Tier 1 cities all over the country have been mulling over legislation to curb the nasty effects of this new social tech craze, and certainly talks with the companies have gone underway. But these Shanghai mothers decided “too little, too late.”

The group chat history revealed largely these mothers blame the ride sharing companies for irresponsible terms of usage.

Questions remain, though, like how so many bikes were covered in such a short amount of time. Clearly these mothers nursing newborns and chasing toddlers had help. But who?

None of the ride sharing bike companies responded with comments.

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